Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Good Weekend!

A little bit of "me" time makes for a happy mommy. :)

Jess and I went to karaoke Saturday night, and even though I got home way too late, I had a lot of fun. We met this guy from Greece who bought us drinks and taught us some interesting things about his culture and religion. And this guy hit on Jess, which is always good for the ego, lol. I totally blew the Dixie Chicks song I sang, but oh well.

Yesterday I took Addison swimming at Heather's. Jess and Eric had Cameron there, and Olivia and Jackson were there, as well as a couple of friends of Jess'. It was a relaxing afternoon, and Addi loved the pool. Afterwards, Jess and I went to Once Upon a Child, where I bought Addi cute clothes that she doesn't need. Heehee! I also found Connor a Beatles shirt for $2.50, so that was cool.

Michael also got time for himself this weekend. He went to a party at his co-worker's house on Friday night, and yesterday before I went swimming, he and his dad went to see The Bourne Ultimatum. It worked out really well this weekend; there was no fighting over who was stuck at home and no pissing contests about who gets more time to him/herself. Now if we could only manage for things to go so smoothly every weekend. LOL

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