Thursday, April 17, 2008

A dream...

I've been thinking too much lately about the life I didn't choose. Now those thoughts are even seeping into my subconscious. I dreamed last night that I was at a karaoke bar with Jessica and ran into someone I knew in high school, someone who was kind of a mentor to me when I was involved in theater. I listened with envy as she told me about her life; when it was my turn to share with her the direction my life has taken, the disappointment was evident upon her face. She verbally chided me: "You had so much potential, you really could have been something." Now I know this person would never say such things to me in real life—I'm sure that in my dream, she's symbolic of the life I didn't choose. Why can't I be content? Why do I always feel that something is missing from my life?

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