Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!

Since when does being a feminist mean you have to act like a man? Feminists aren't only found in courtrooms and on Wall Street. I am a feminist. I am not oppressed. This is the path I chose, and isn't the choice what being a feminist is all about? Women are oppressed when they are given no options. Women are oppressed when they aren't allowed access to an education. Women are oppressed when they are forced to hide behind veils in mixed company. Women are oppressed when they're told they can't birth in the position they want. Women are oppressed when they're told they can't nourish their babies in public. Women are oppressed when they're lied to by formula makers who convince them to go against nature for the sake of convenience. Women are oppressed when they're led to believe they have to fulfill a man's role in the workplace and resume a woman's role at home. Women are oppressed when they are told by doctors that their bodies have failed them. Our bodies have not failed us. Society has failed us. I am not oppressed. I embrace the feminine. I am a feminist. I AM a goddess!

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